Global Certification for the Meetings Industry 

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Upcoming course: CICS Course at ICCASkills Luxembourg Hub on 10-14 June 2024


2024 Graduation Criteria


A minimum 50% of attendance rate at the live instructor-led sessions is required to be eligible for the exam.

Group Presentation

The group presentation is designed to help you apply the knowledge and skills you learned to real life cases. 


A minimum 50% of completion rate on the quizzes on the eLearning prior to the exam.


Online exams that are monitored by proctors. Up to 3 hours to complete 90+ multiple choice questions. A maximum of 6 attempts* within one year of the completion of the course. 

* Retake fee applies from the 2nd attempt. Please refer to Pricing for the latest fee.



Once all the above criteria are met, learners will be awarded with the CICS or CICE designation. 

The designation is valid for 5 years.  

Graduates will be recognised at the annual ICCA Congress. **

**Learners are responsible for their own Congress registrations. 


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