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About luxembourg

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the ideal business events destination. It is a country with a human dimension, located within easy reach of numerous major European cities, which limits the need for extensive travel.

Luxembourg is a modern, affluent European destination, a committed player on the international scene, a strong ally in the context of sustainable growth, and a facilitator of innovative ideas that can contribute to a better world. 

What makes luxembourg stand out?


Throughout its history, Luxembourg has constantly reinvented itself. From an agricultural country, it became an industrial power, then a services society. Today, it is committed to future sectors such as research, digital technologies and the space sector. It shows the same dynamism in culture, creative industries, solidarity economy initiatives as well as in the circular economy.


Luxembourg is a player you can count on: an economically and politically stable country, a serene environment, a great place to live. This is reflected in the quality of public infrastructure, the health and social security system and the environmental heritage. This stability is reflected in the mentality of its citizens. They take care of their traditions, cultivate consensus and favor solutions that are sustainable.


Openness to the outside world is a key element of the Luxembourg society model. Luxembourg has always been committed to a united and open Europe, characterised by tolerance and solidarity. Development cooperation is one of the pillars of its foreign policy. As a cosmopolitan crossroads in the center of Europe, Luxembourg is an international meeting place, a real melting pot of nationalities, cultures and languages.


CICE Course

11-15 November 2024

2025 Dates Available in 2024 Q3

Luxembourg CICE November 2024 Intake

  MONDORF Thermal Estate, Luxembourg

  Monday to Friday, 11-15 November 2024

 8:30 - 17:30 CET

  Instructors: To be announced.

 Partnered Hotel - Mondorf Domaine Thermal, Luxembourg

Special rate: To be announced. 

The Grand Duchy’s official representative for the business events sector in the country

The mission of the Luxembourg Convention Bureau (LCB) is to support the development of business events in Luxembourg. The LCB and its dedicated, experienced staff work hard to connect people – experts, event organisers, and local partners in support of its mission. Along with expanding its international network in Luxembourg’s priority economic sectors, the LCB contributes to the economic promotion policy of the Grand Duchy by attracting attention, know-how, partnerships, and investment in these key areas. 

Luxembourg is thrilled to collaborate with ICCA in establishing the exclusive International Centre for Advancement of ICCASkills. This partnership aligns seamlessly with its vision of promoting Luxembourg as a prime destination for knowledge and skill enhancement within the business events sector. The destination is confident that this initiative will strengthen the capabilities of professionals across Europe.


Luxembourg is a small, attractive and green destination at the heart of Europe. We are very easy to reach by air, long-distance bus services or by car. Or you can opt for the train to travel with a minimal carbon footprint.

Travel to Luxembourg by air

Luxair, Luxembourg’s national airline, offers direct flights to major European cities and many other destinations. Lux-Airport, located only six kilometres from the centre of the capital city, is home to more than a dozen airlines offering flights in and out of Luxembourg daily or several times a week for over 80 destinations. 

Attractive rail links

Travel to Luxembourg conveniently by train from Germany, France and Belgium. The TGV Est high-speed train takes only 2 hours 10 minutes for the journey from Paris to Luxembourg and offers several direct trains per day in each direction between the stations Paris Gare de l'Est and Luxembourg’s capital city. Other direct trains to France: Strasbourg (1 hour 33 minutes), Lyon (5 hours 30 minutes), Marseilles (7 hours 42 minutes).

Long-distance bus services

Bus services exist to and from several cities in the neighbouring countries and often present a more budget-friendly alternative to rail and air travel.  

Free travel throughout the country with trains, buses and trams

Free, uncomplicated and sustainable travel on public transport: Luxembourg is the world’s first country to offer free, nationwide public transport. Travellers no longer need to buy tickets to use local, regional and nationwide trains, trams or buses.

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