ICCASkills Privacy Policy

At ICCA we take your privacy seriously and want you to understand clearly how we will use the personal data you supply when registering to take this course, which represents the establishment of a contract between you and ICCA. We have one set of conditions for “ordinary” personal data (name, contact details, job title, etc.) and a different approach to “sensitive” personal data (e.g. personal photograph; dietary requirements; disabilities).

This privacy note is supplementary to the general privacy statement of ICCA, which can be found here: https://www.iccaworld.org/abouticca/privacy.cfm

1. Processing of “ordinary” personal data

By registering, ICCA will share the “ordinary” personal data you provide with the course instructors and other learners who will be participating in the course, to enable effective networking and business exchanges to take place, including on the official ICCA App (if developed) and virtual platform used for the course. Personal data on all learners will be retained on the registration system for 3 years, for the purpose of enabling you and other delegates to easily contact one another after the event is over; other parties who did not attend the course will not be able to access personal data from the course. ICCA needs to process your data in their registration system and may communicate with you via email or post with important messages relating to this course.

ICCA needs to share your data with the virtual platform provider TalentLMS and the registration platform EventsAir for the purpose of this course.

With your consent, ICCA will use your contact details to inform you about ICCASkills as well as other training programs, associated with ICCA. You can always withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail to ICCA.

A listing of registered learners’ names, company, and country, without any contact details, will be visible to all ICCA members whilst the course is being promoted and in the password protected “My ICCA” portal. This is for the purpose of encouraging other ICCA members to register for the course. The listing will be deleted immediately after the course takes place. If needed, the listing will be also shared with the Local Host Committee (LHC) or the venue hosting the on-site learning sessions. Additionally, a listing of the registrant’s name, job title, company name, country, contact details and photograph (if provided) will be visible on the virtual platform. ICCA will ask permission for sharing this information. Permission can be redrawn by sending an email to ICCA.

2. Special opt-in conditions for sensitive personal data

Some personal data is regarded as particularly sensitive, and ICCA will always handle this type of data with an appropriate level of care.

3. Photographs

Participants have the option to share a photograph of themselves or may opt not to provide this. If shared, the photo(s) will remain on the official ICCA App and event virtual platform for 1 year.

4. Photography and video material

During learning sessions pictures and videos can be taken to be used for educational, news of promotional material, whether in print or electronic material, including social media and the ICCA websites. Imagery or photographs will be taken with your consent. During the courses ICCA will provide for ways in expressing your consent. Of course, you have the right to withdraw your consent by sending an email to ICCA.

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